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Religious Education

Religious Education ‘is the core of the core curriculum’ (St John Paul II).  Here at Saint George all students study Religious Education throughout both key stages. 

At Key Stage 3 we follow a curriculum that covers everything set down in the Catholic Directory for Religious Education.  Students are encouraged to think about issues that relate to them, and understand what it means to be a young Catholic growing up in Britain today.  The curriculum allows debate and discussion, as well as appreciation of other world religions and the multi cultural aspect of being part of the Saint George College Community.  At Key Stage 3 we prepare students for Religious Studies GCSE by looking at topics such as the history of the people of God, the life of Jesus vocations, sacraments as well as doing a short study on Judaism, Sikhism and Islam.

At Key Stage 4 we study AQA Syllabus B for Religious Studies which require the students to have an in depth knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church, ethical issues and Judaism.  To support learning at Key Stage 4 we run an annual trip to the Jewish Museum as well as inviting visiting speakers into school. 

We believe that all students, regardless of belief, should be given the opportunity to ask the Big Questions about life and encourage exploration, investigation, discussion and practical engagement with personal faith. 

RE Curriculum Map Key Stage3 Overview 2017

RE Curricum Map Key Stage 4 Overview new AQA GCSE 2017



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