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Maths is a subject that appeals to many students; for them it can often be viewed as a simple matter of right or wrong. At Saint George we concentrate on the methods that wil lead to the right answer and try to instill in our students the confidence to use the skills they have been taught. While examination success is undoubtably important, the life skills of numeracy, problem solving, strategies, confidence and competence with numbers are the foundation of success.

To ensure out students are successful, we follow the national strategy for KS3. We have a fuculty based teaching assistant (HLTA) and a dedicated group of teaching assistants who work in conjunction with our class teachers to support students specific needs. Putting the students into sets enables all students to work at the pace most suited to them. Accelerating helps the most able to ensure they are constantly challenged whilst other groups benefit from working at a pace to ensure an understanding of the principles of maths.

At KS4, the key to success is to produce independent learners who take responsibility for achieving their targets. A number of students take statistics as an extra GCSE and the most able will also take Additional Mathematics.

Curriculum map (overview) KS3

Curriculum map (overview) Foundation

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