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At Key Stage 3, students are introduced to History at secondary level with a unit on ‘Why History?’ looking at the importance of History in understanding our world and ourselves. We study the main features of Britain in the medieval period, the 16th and 17th centuries, the Industrial revolution and the 20th century world, as well as some local History and some world History. 
A wide range of teaching strategies are used including role-plays, group work, and the use of ICT and film. Assessments are designed to record all students’ ability in both the skills and the knowledge they have acquired through various tasks, which enable all students to achieve. For each year group the opportunity is provided to experience learning outside the classroom at either a museum or similar venue. Trips regularly depart for London Dungeons, the Battlefields of WW1 in France and Belgium, even to the Nazi Death Camps in Poland. Our teaching is focused on the principals of enjoyment and progress and consequently we are one of the most oversubscribed option subjects in the school. .
At Key Stage 4 we follow the WJEC ‘Modern World History’ syllabus, which includes in-depth studies of both Germany 1929-1947, and Russia 1914-1924 and an outline study of the USA 1929-2000. Coursework is based on British History and focuses on the World Wars. We are currently the strongest History department in Southampton with some of the highest value added scores in the county and with a pass rate last year of 91% A* - C.

History Curriculum Map Key Stage 3 Overview

History Curriculum Map Key Stage 4 Overview

GCSE Hsitory curriculum overview WJEC 2016 strengthened GCSE

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