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Drama at Key Stage 3 aims to equip pupils with the necessary skills required in preparation for the GCSE course.
By the end of KS3 students should be confident in:
Devising their own drama from different forms of stimuli,
Rehearsing as part of a group and performing,
Evaluating their own work and of others,
Be familiar with drama terminology and the effect it has on their work.

Drama provides students with the opportunity to:
Build self-confidence
Explore ideas and creativity.
Encourage co-operation with others.

Key Stage 4
At GCSE we follow the Edexcel Drama course. The course is in three parts

1. In part one of the course you will use Drama to express your feelings and ideas about a range of issues.

2. In part two of the course you will look at a play to see how a playwright expresses their ideas about a theme or topic, and explore ways of making the play work on stage.

3. In part three of the course you will have the choice of being involved in the performance of a play from an existing script or from one you create yourselves.

Unit 1 – Drama Exploration
Unit 2 – Exploring Play texts
Unit 3 – Drama Performance

Drama curriculum Map

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New Drama studio October 2015

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