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Pupil Premium Grant
Information for Parents

Academic Year 2015/2016

Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is allocated to schools for disadvantaged children who are eligible for free school meals or eligible at any point during the last 6 years (known as Ever 6 FSM), Service children (those whose parents are or have been in the Armed Forces in the past 5 years - known as Ever 5), Looked After Children and Post Looked After Children (children who ceased to be looked after by the local authority because of adoption, a special guardianship order, a child arrangements order or a residence order).

Students on Roll 665
Students eligible for Pupil Premium Year 7 = 49 students (11 girls +38 boys)
Year 8 = 44 students (13 girls + 31 Boys)
Year 9 = 25 students (7 girls + 18 boys)
Year 10 = 24 students
Year 11 = 40 students
Total 182 students
Funding received £154,162

The funding includes FSM students (£935 per student), Service Students (£300 per student), Looked After Children (£1,900 per student) and Post Looked After Children (£1.900).
The grant is allocated for the financial year.

Pupil Premium Spending


Cost £

Comment on Interventions

Curriculum Interventions 59,328 Narrowing the gap and enabling PPS to reach expected levels. 1:1 support, small groups tuition, homework guidance/help, booster classes, dedicated TAS in departments, after school classes / Saturday classes / holiday classes /additional qualifications .
English/Maths Interventions 5,906 Tutor time / interviews with students /whole school intervention meetings
Off site interventions to motivate students and help to reach expected GCSE grades.
Improving literacy across the curriculum, emphasis on reading at tutor time, book days: authors invited to school/whole school literacy day/ Saints foundation interventions.
Inclusion 71,753 Removing behavioral barriers that prevent learning in mainstream education.
Retaining students on site for a more consistent follow-up on progress and pastoral care. Home tutoring/outreach tutor/ after school sessions
Pastoral 14,678 Monitoring progress and targetting effective support. Assistant Progress Leaders to help Progress Leaders.
CPD 1,250 Training inclusion staff to understand and meet the needs of students (ELSA training/Dyslexia/Nurture Group). Whole school training on Guided Learning involving partner school and outside agency. Catch up literacy and numeracy courses.
Trips 1,011 Creating an inclusive school where access to trips is possible for all.
Personal Interventions
Uniform/PE Kit
1,500 Removing barriers to enable participation and enjoyment by all. Clubs after school / breakfast club
Transport 600 Facilitating transport to and from school


  Summer 2015 Autumn 2015
  Pupil Premium Number

Av Total

Target GAP Av Total
Target GAP
Year 7 49       345.96 350.21 -4.25
Year 8 44 312.59 313.11 0.52 408.27 402.51 +5.76
Year 9 25 357.52 349.37 +8.15 279.15 269.17 +9.98


  2013 2014 2015
School Nat Gap School Nat Gap School Nat GAP
Expected Progress in English 62% 56% 6% 84% 58% +26% 68% 57% +11%
Expected Progress in Mathematics 70% 54% 16% 68% 62% +6% 79% 49% +30%

PPI students at St George perform better than students nationally. 58% of our PP students secured 5 A*-C vs 36% nationally.

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