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 Governor Terms of Reference



The Governing Body as constituted by the Instrument of Government dated 31st August 2015 will be composed as follows:

7 Foundation Governors
2 Parent Governors
The Head Teacher
1 Staff Governor
 1 Local Authority Governor
The total number of Governors shall be 12.

The Governing Body shall have the power to co-opt non-voting members.

A quorum shall be fifty per-cent of filled Governor positions, rounded up to a whole number, but with a majority of Foundation Governors.

The FGB shall meet at least once each term as detailed in the Meeting Schedule with an additional FGB in the first part of the summer term principally to review and approve the Budget. General day-to-day finance, resource and curriculum matters will be delegated to the Finance & Recourses and the Curriculum Committees respectively under their duly approved TOR’s. The FGB will focus on statutory responsibilities not covered by the other meetings, policy, vision of the FGB, training and any other matters that may arise.

At the first meeting each academic year, the Chair and Vice-Chairs shall be re-confirmed and/or elected. These officers may be elected for a period of two years.  The Chair cannot serve for more than two consecutive terms of office without the agreement of the FGB.

Draft Minutes with action points will be recorded by the Clerk who will prepare a first draft within seven days of the meeting for review by the Chair and Head Teacher. The final draft of the Minutes will be submitted to the next available FGB for any further comments and approval.



To ensure that the Catholic Ethos of the College is maintained.

To provide assistance to the Head Teacher on all matters relating to the well-being of the College and pupils.

To confirm any delegation of authority to the various Committees as appropriate and to monitor the Minutes thereof.

To establish and approve the membership of the following Committees and Working Groups as well as any related TOR’s as appropriate:

  • Steering Group
  • Finance & Resources Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Pay Committee (and Pay Appeals Committee)
  • Admissions Committee
  • Discipline Committee (and Discipline Appeals Committee)
  • Policy Working Group

To ensure that the FGB meets its legal requirements as described in the “Guide to the Law” published by the DFE for Voluntary Aided Schools and other publications and notices issued by the DFE.

To Review on an annual basis, the terms of the Instrument of Government.

Through the relevant Committees, which shall have a suitable mandate approved by the FGB, provide guidance to the Head Teacher in all matters relating to Finance, the buildings and estate and all resources and the Curriculum.

Approve the annual Budget and the delegated spending authorities every year.

To consider the Risk Assessment and Health and Safety planning for the College.

To review and ratify all Policies as submitted by the Policy Working Group (PWG) for approval.

To review and ratify Staffing Structures, Performance Management assessments and pay recommendations put forward by the Pay Committee.

To monitor progress and attainment on Section 48.

To ensure that the National Curriculum is delivered.

To ensure that the Pupil Premium is spent appropriately.

To assist in the production and monitoring of the College prospectus and website.

The agenda and supporting papers should be sent electronically to Governors 7 days prior to the Meeting.


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