logo At st george we aspire to become all that god has created us to be ........pupil progress at St george is in the top 2% nationally and is among the top 100 out of 6,382 schools across the uk.......Best Ever GCSE RESULTS in 2017 .... 77% 4 - 9 In English and Maths ....... 51% 5-9 in English and maths...  

Our Values

Our Values

At the core of daily life at the college are our values. As well as the traditional values expected of a Catholic school, we have identified a set of values which form our daily life. Together they make up the acrostic ASPIRE
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Saint George is a college with "High Expectations", the result of which is "High Achievement". Each student deserves and receives the specialist care we provide to prepare them for their future challenges. Some will go on to university and further education, others apprenticeships, but whatever they achieve, we believe they benefit from an education, not just of the mind, but of the spirit and the soul.

Primo fac Prima
Our motto - First Things First

Who are our students?

All students at Saint George enjoy an education firmly rooted in the Catholic tradition; many come directly from our feeder primary schools in the area.

Today the make up of the college is the most diverse it has ever been. More than thirty languages are spoken, with students from Eastern Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and Asia and many of the great religions of the world are represented among our community.

Our students are individuals with unique talents and needs and as a small school, we are well placed to identify the needs and nurture the talents of each child.

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